Is Time Travel Real?


By Viral Awesome Staff.

History is often filled with people making insane claims to some new invention that is going to change the very nature of daily life as we experience it.

The only problem with this phenomenon? These “discoveries” rarely pan out, but often capture the public’s imagination nonetheless.

One such particular “holy grail” of speculative science is time travel or the ability to go back and forward in time.

Whether as a part of a future vacation service so people can visit ancient Egypt or as a part of some military experiment, time travel is one of the few sci-fi tropes that can be both epic and banal; hence, why the concept attracts crowds that are both scientific and popular in orientation.

Because of this, laypersons and scientists alike think that time travel is within their realm and many think that, like the Wright brothers with their flying contraptions that eventually became the airplane, a common person can come up with a “time machine” that will change the nature of reality as we know it.

Of course, aside from being completely theoretical and involving physics beyond the ken of most ordinary individuals, time travel and flight are not the same. But the popularization of the concept has led to more than a few “attempts” by people to break out, Wright brothers style, with an “amazing” invention.

Such is the case with Dr. David Lewis Anderson and his Anderson Institute.

Anderson Institute Logo (C) All Rights Reserved.

First appearing in public in 2009-2010, Dr. Anderson conducted a media blitz in which he discussed his findings in time travel, the concepts behind it, and those organizations as well as nation states that were engaged in time travel research.

Intriguing people with his theories of time travel and seemingly deep knowledge of the subject, Dr. Anderson made appearances on podcasts, radio shows, and even recorded audio books for distribution on Amazon.

Interestingly, Anderson not only discussed the theories behind time travel but also some of the ethical concerns around it as well. Envisioning a future in which nations conducted war against each other over vast reaches of time and space, Anderson advocated for an ethical approach to time travel and cautioned against its wanton use by governments in much the same way that anti-nuclear weapons activists caution against those armaments.

It’s all really bizarre, and it gets even more so today.

That’s because Dr. David Lewis Anderson, his institute, and most of his discussions about time travel have completely vanished from the Internet.

Given that the bulk of material was generated between 2009 and 2010, that’s strange indeed. After all, like diamonds, the Internet is forever.

Or is it?

Things don’t often disappear on the Internet. In fact, you can view most old web sites just as they appeared years ago using the wayback machine. In the classic style of Internet conspiracies, Dr. Anderson’s disappearance isn’t treated as some random thing but rather as evidence of some deeper conspiracy afoot according to some.

As for whether or not you accept these theories, a lot of that will depend on your personal inclinations towards time travel and conspiracies in general.

Occurring shortly after the global financial crisis, the release of Anderson’s videos are taken as evidence by some of the doctor attempts at warning us about what our governments are doing. Perhaps, using the crisis as a moment of weakness, Anderson wanted to let people know about this concept, that it was real, and that it was dangerous.

Doing this, obviously, may have cost Anderson his life – or, at least, any sort of public life that is.

Then there is the question of whether or not the doctor is a real person in the first place. By all accounts, he is a real person and has garnered much respect from his colleagues. Now, this doesn’t mean that they admire his work or believe in it, but that they are aware of him.

Most theories about Anderson and his time travel machine revolve around one global conspiracy or another. Like most of those theories, which take wisps of shadows and threads of whisper to make a tapestry, many are not rooted in an objective reality – that is, a reality that can be measured and understood by some means outside of personal bias.

There is the absence of materials on the Internet about his work and institute, and there’s also the deletion of any kind of web memory of that. That is questionable, but not unlikely if the tale is spun from whole cloth.

Perhaps the most interesting of these claims is that Dr. Anderson was actually a time traveler himself who came back into the past to warn us about the dangers of time travel. Easily the most fantastical explanation for the Anderson phenomenon, this theory has a ton of traction among those people who like to see conspiracies everywhere and believe in an entire unseen world lurking in the shadows.

For the rest of us, it all sounds made up – and fantastically so.

One of the more recent articles to come out about Dr. Anderson’s work does a great job shedding background information on the story but does little to explain where he is today. Random people in the comments section of the History Bizarre Mysterious blog claim that Anderson is working in India on time travel machines.

He is unable to post to the Internet due to his work and for fear of angering his colleagues. Also, huge breakthroughs have occurred in the past several years which have consumed most of his time. It is also reported by this commenter that Anderson’s initial reveal of his team’s time travel findings angered his colleagues who preferred it be kept secret or something along those lines.

What can we say about Dr. David Lewis Anderson and his time travel device? Not much outside of what is already out there about him. As to whether or not it is a hoax, only time will tell, but the lack of any kind of materials one way or the other does little to shorten the life of this popular Internet conspiracy.