Kelly Jones Tells David Pakman About “Violent” Marriage with Alex Jones


Whether you call it “fake news” or watch it as fact, Alex Jones’ InfoWars is one of the most prominent websites to come out of the 2016 US presidential election.

And not without good reason – with his bombastic style and energetic presentation, web host Alex Jones has developed legions of fans and detractors for his unique format that adds a little bit of current headlines with a touch of dark web narrative for a concoction wholly his own. But who exactly is Alex Jones and why does he remain in the spotlight so long after the election?

Internet raconteur and provocateur Alex Jones stirs love and hate wherever he goes and, especially after the election of US President Donald Trump, is a lightning rod of criticism for anyone that dislikes the Trump administration. But that isn’t to say some of it is not well deserved. For those in the know, Alex Jones is a master of peddling in conspiracies and often comes off somewhat deranged to outsiders. These conspiracy theories have included such gems as the Seth Rich controversy, the Pizzagate scandal, and accusing Sandy Hook survivors of being crisis actors and calling the whole tragedy a “manufactured” spectacle. As you can imagine, this has won him few fans on the left and not that many on the right for that matter either.

One thing is certain – Alex Jones is hugely popular since the win of Donald Trump. His InfoWars site stays in the headlines and he remains relevant even after proclaiming what some would call the worst in conspiracy theories and what others just call outright lies. Whether he’s a fabulist or not, Alex Jones is not new to the media scene. In fact, he has worked at the game for some time ever since his start in Texas.

That is why a recent interview his ex-wife conducted with the David Pakman Show has raised eyebrows. Not only does she offer insights into who Alex Jones was as a person, but also she sheds some perspective on why things didn’t work out and what drives him to make segments like he does on InfoWars. In short, Kelly’s interview is an admixture of family drama and personal account. Depending on where you stand with Alex Jones you either totally believe her or you think she’s a “crisis actor,” natch. Either way her interview with David Pakman said some pretty explosive things about the Internet personality and we’re going to discuss those with you in this article.

Kelly Jones discussed her failed marriage with Internet talk show host and Internet personality David Pakman on April 3. Currently Kelly has a custody dispute ongoing with Jones, a dispute prompted by his recent political activities, and described her marriage to the man as a “nightmare.”

Kelly and Jones met in Texas when Kelly began her career working for a local public access radio station where the two shared a producer. Initially Jones’ antics caught her eye and she described him as being different from anyone she had ever met before. But “suddenly I was living in a domestically violent situation completely isolated from all friends and family” and she says this, above all things, prompted her to part ways with Alex Jones.

She goes on to list a litany of grievances including Jones’ supposed lack of control, alleged substance abuse issues, and anger issues, saying: “It was a nightmare to be with him, it was horrible, and especially towards the end it was awful, untenable.”

In speaking on why she stayed with Jones for so long if the conditions were so poor, Kelly cites a cycle of domestic violence and her belief that things weren’t as bad as they were. According to Kelly, it was when her children began to mimic Alex Jones behavior that she knew something had to be done. Not wanting her children to behave in a similar manner, Kelly Jones filed for divorce from her husband.

Some might wonder why Kelly Jones is speaking out on this subject now. She told Pakman, “The reason why I’m coming out so hard, too, is I divorced Alex Jones. And everybody looked at me and gaslit me and said I was a liar and worse and treated me horribly, victim-shamed me when I came forward with serious concerns about abuse, and neglect, and other things.”

“If that can happen to me with Alex Jones, there’s people back there all over Travis [County in Texas] and all over this country who don’t have the possibility of this kind of publicity because they didn’t divorce a notorious unwell person. But I did. Doesn’t that concern you, America, that this is happening in family court?” she said.

Much of this occurred before Jones reached the national stage for his advocacy of Donald Trump and his espousal of conspiracy theories. After Jones made it big, of course, the need for Kelly to separate her children from Jones has grown even more urgent. Jones’ politics have always been on the edgy side of things, but his more recent forays into the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting have drawn criticism down upon him from all sides. Further, while he is hawking these bizarre theories, there is some question as to whether or not he believes what he says, a point of contention even in his custody trial with his children where his counsel has alluded to his show being performative and entertainment, not the news show it presents itself as being.

And Kelly isn’t the only one currently in a legal battle with Alex Jones. Former employees of InfoWars have filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging abusive behavior on Jones part towards them. Further, Jones is facing defamation lawsuits from a lot of the people he has called crisis actors. Add these two things to an ongoing custody battle as well as a penchant for staying in the limelight while stirring controversy, it is almost a foregone conclusion that we have not heard the last of Alex Jones and his InfoWars.