Is Donna Brazile An Agent Of Russia?


Is Donna Brazile An Agent Of Russia?

By M.D Balousek



Of course, there is no evidence that this is the case. Unfortunately, those who have slammed Brazile about her recent revelations on Twitter, etc, would intimate that she is.

Brazile, who is former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee recently published a new book that is exposing what really happened before the 2016 presidential election in the U.S. 

Months before Hilary Clinton had the Party’s official nomination, she took over the DNC which was said to have been rigged against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In her recently released bombshell book, she wrote about her findings of the financial chaos which had taken place within the DNC when it was still under the authority of Debbie Wasserman Schultz before she was ousted in July.

The website Politico included a page from Brazile’s book which describes how she discovered Hilary Clinton campaign was actually the one keeping the DNC financially stable. She describes her shock about having discovered the formal legal paperwork between Schultz and Clinton’s campaign when she took the position at the DNC as at August 2016.

Brazile explains in the book that she made a promise to Senator Bernie Sanders that she would get to the bottom of the matter and discover whether Hillary Clinton’s team really rigged the nomination process and what she claimed she found out was seriously disturbing and alarming

Brazile was quick to discover the Wasserman Schultz agreement which had allowed the DNC’s spendings to be out of control when she took over the as the Party’s interim chairman. In her effort to stop the excessive spending , she then made a deal with Clinton’s campaign to sustain and maintain the DNC which was confirmed by the Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer, Mr. Gary Gensler.

Clinton’s campaign as at 2016 had the DNC on life support; they were giving money to DNC every month to meet its essential expenses, while the Clinton’s campaign was basically utilizing the organization as a fundraising clearinghouse, she reveals in her book. She quotes the FEC law which states that an individual can give a maximum of $2,700 to a presidential campaign but this rule doesn’t apply to state parties and a party’s national committee.

Brazille said in her book, ” People who had contributed a maximum of 2, 700 contribution limit to the campaign was eventually able to give out another fund of about $353,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund.”

When she discovered the dirty truth, She told Gensler that the victory fund was supposed to be for who emerged the winner among the nominee and the state party races. This dark revelation was that Hillary has been controlling the funds before she was even nominated!

 Brazile says the Joint Fund Raising agreement between the DNC, Hillary for America and the Hillary Victory Fund was “Unethical.” She later specified that Hillary would control the party’s financial strategy and the fundraisers in exchange for investing and raising money in the DNC. The DNC was required to dialogue with the Hilary campaign about all other data, analytics, budgeting, staffing, and mailings.

Brazile says he told Bernie Sanders about the truth and urged Bernie to work harder so he could bring all his faithful supporters into one fold with Hillary. However the question must be asked, at what cost?