All About Ready Player One: The Movie


All About Ready Player One: The Movie

Whenever Steven Spielberg gets to do a movie, especially a cinematic adaptation of a dystopian sci-fi best seller, you know its going to be a mind blowing event. Though the release date of March 30th, 2018 is still far into the future, there have been glimpses of how awesome a movie about Ready Player One would be ever since the book graced the bookshelves around the world in 2011. Now that the production is well underway and some trailers have been released, lets talk about how big this movie truly is and just how stoked you should be it!

Overview of the Book

The plot revolves around a dystopian Earth that has been gripped by an energy crises and the consequences of climate change. People have turned to virtual reality simulator called OASIS, which functions kind of like an immersive MMORPG (kind of like the premise of Sword Art Online). The story follows Wade Watts, a player of the game who happened to find three keys to unlocking the mystery behind the Easter egg the founder, James Halliday, left behind upon death. Whoever solves the puzzle wins OASIS and obtains the parent company, Gregarious Games.

Of course, there is much more to the story than that. Theres adventure revolving around universes, akin to instances in MMORPGs, hacking, cyber-crushes, and much more. Plus, the antagonist, the corporation known as IOI, is after Wade (known as Parzivel in-game) and his companions, Aech, Art3mis, and I-ROK. Should IOI uncover the secrets before them, they would jack up the price of access to OASIS and make it unplayable for millions.

The novel was developed by Ernest Cline, who, in an interview with Entertainment magazine, stated that he wouldnt have become a writer if he hadnt grown up on a steady diet of Steven Spielberg movies. Those movies happened to be blockbusters like Back to the Future, which Spielberg executive produced.

Cline went onto say that his work directly influenced the narrative and the way that I told the story [of Ready Player One.] So to have [Spielberg] directing, its too perfect to even be possible. And somehow, its happened.

The Movie Writers

So, heres the cool thing: Ernest Cline is joining hands with Zak Penn to do the screenwriting for the film. Since Cline is fairly inexperienced when it comes to screenwriting, Penn decided to lend a hand. Now, if you dont know who Zak Penn is, he happens to be the mastermind behind comic book movies like The Avengers, several X-men movie, The Incredible Hulk, and even upcoming Transformers titles and Pacific Rim.

Cline and Penn, who both dabble in fantasy and science fiction, are deftly going to weave magic on the movie screen.

The Movie Rating

Right now, we can be assured that Ready Player One will be PG or PG-13. Steven Spielberg doesnt generally do R-rated film, and the book itself doesnt have too many adult themes. The protagonist is 18 years old, and there isnt a glut of violence or sexuality.

Though Ready Player One was slated for December of this year, with Star Wars popping into the slot, it was shoved back to March. However, its safe to say that extra time will allow for story writers and producers to work their magic and develop a story as immersive and beautiful as OASIS would be in real life.