Know Your Tacos – The Most Common Types of Tacos



Know Your Tacos – The Most Common Types of Taco


By Viral Awesome Admin.

Tacos are one of the most universally loves foods around. With instant snack-ability

and countless filling options, there’s no limit to what you can do with a taco. Maybe there are some limitations. You can’t use one as a parachute, for example.

You wouldn’t be alone if you thought there were only one or two types of taco. Reading this, you’re probably thinking of the crunchy corn shells or the soft flour tortillas, right? Then it might surprise you that there are a ton of different types of taco, each with near infinite variations of filling.

Here’s a brief guide to the most common taco styles around. Make yourself a Mexican-food hero by mastering them all!


Soft Tacos

Widely recognised as the “true” taco, it’s the kind you’ll generally see at food trucks. Traditionally, two white corn tortillas 3-5 inches in diameter are stacked and topped with a variety of meat, vegetables, cheeses and other toppings.


Tacos de asador

Other names include “spit” or “grill” taco. One of a variety of meats is grilled before being placed on two stacked flour tortillas before being garnished with onions, salsa, guacamole, and cilantro.


Tacos de cazo

The meat and cooked fillings are fried, traditionally in lard (you know, the good stuff), or less traditionally, in oil. They’re then crisped up in a pan called a comal. What you end up with is the tenderest meat possible, making it possible for you to easily eat tacos de cazo with your hands, eliminating the risk of accidentally pulling the filling out with the first bite.


Tacos de cazuela

Cuts in tacos de cazuela often include delicacies such as cheek, lips, and brains. It might turn some of you off, but trust me when I say cazuela tacos pack serious flavor. The meat is braised or slow-cooked, shredded and then combined with the juices before being served on tortillas and garnished.


Hard Tacos

These are more of an American creation. The hard tacos are the corn taco shells with a Dorito-like texture we’re used to seeing in some tex-mex restaurants and store-bought taco dinner kits. Fillings generally include seasoned, ground meat, lettuce, cheese, and tomato.


Soft-shell tacos

A soft-shell taco is more like a hard-shell taco, except it’s steamed and as a result, you have a taco which is software and more pliable. Soft-shell tacos can be made from corn or flour tortillas, it doesn’t matter.


Puffy tacos

Puffy tacos are great for those looking for something a little greasier (in a good way). The tacos here are fried in fat rather than being griddled, giving them a soft and slightly greasy feel. The difference between these and hard-shell tacos is that the tortilla is uncooked before it gets fried.


Flautas & Taquitos

You might not have encountered these nifty little inventions. A thin layer of filling is placed on a tortilla, everything is then rolled into a cigar-shape and deep-fried until crispy. Think of it like a big, Mexican version of the Chinese egg roll.