Will the Nintendo Switch lead the next generation of game consoles?

Source: Nintendo
Source: Nintendo

Since we live in the world of high standard graphics and blockbuster games, we always expect new consoles to push the boundaries as they offer better, higher standard experiences. Nintendo Switch is an upcoming console that wants to step away from that. Instead, this is a console which has a main unit and two detachable controllers. You can also add a gamepad to the console if you want.

The idea of creating a hybrid is quite interesting, especially since the NX is seamlessly embracing portability and a very high standard in one great package. The main unit can be connected to the TV but you can also use it as a portable gaming center on the go if you want.

Although Nintendo markets Nintendo Switch as a console for home users rather than a portable one, there’s no denying that some of the features you see on the Nintendo Switch might make you feel that this is a portable unit at heart.

While there are no specifications released to the public, we are free to speculate. Based on what we know at this point, Nintendo Switch has a custom NVIDIA Tegra chip and it also features a custom API named NVN.

The interesting approach here is that most of the games are distributed via cartridges, an interesting option considering that old Nintendo games also had the game distribution system. Unlike other gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch is not going to support any optical disks, which sounds quite peculiar but understandable if you think about the nature of Nintendo as a whole.

The portability aspect of Nintendo Switch is what makes it unique. You can carry the console around since it’s pretty light and you can use it to play the games you enjoy without a problem. Combine that with the fact that you have some great games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new Pokemon game, Riverside, RISE: Race the Future and many others, then you can easily understand why you should consider getting this console.

Nintendo Switch manages to deliver an interesting, intense gameplay experience and its portability as well as great performance makes it a very good console. It’s surely a lot more than we expected from the rumored NX console. With Nintendo Switch, we get a new hybrid that tries to connect the AAA console world with Nintendo 3DS and portable console fans. Some might even see it as a PlayStation Vita with more features and accessibility.

Will the Nintendo Switch be a success? Considering that there’s no information about potential exclusives, we hope that Nintendo Switch might be very good on its own to sell really well. There are lots of potential benefits that can be offered via the Nintendo Switch, but only time will tell whether players will enjoy this new approach or not. The Nintendo Switch is set to launch in March 2017 and we can expect some exclusives to be announced close to launch!